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As I am building the page please feel free to let me know if you want to see something in particular, or have questions. I look forward to seeing our community grow. Merry Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year as we head into 2013!

Stocking Up For The Holidays!

       You ever wonder how the rich first got started? Well, it is times like these that will go down in the anals of history as one of the greatest opportunities to begin to build a real estate portfolio that in 5-10 years can set you up for life!

      I many areas of the state, Sacramento included, 3 bedroom homes are selling for well under 100k. These are homes that just 3 years ago sold for well over $300,000. That is a 66% plus discount. With a little work will rent for $1000-$1300 per month. These are returns that have not been seen in many years and will not be around forever. There are also creative fincing options avaiable for those capable of think outside the box. 

     As an active investor myself I know the ins and outs of buying successfully in this current market. If you want more information on how you can begin the process of becoming a successful real estate investor!


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